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shed plans top listThe Top 15 Shed Plans

If you have been wanting to build a shed it is an excellent idea to have shed plans. This will allow you to stay on track and not make any mistakes. With so many plans available online there has to be some to meet your needs. If you already have a design in mind the next step is finding the blueprints or start looking at drawings to get ideas to draw out your own plans.

Many websites offer plans for free or for a very affordable fee. As I went searching for the best plans to add to this site I came across this website with a good list of 15 shed plans check them out. The list of plans on this website are very good. All the plans are complete, include plenty of details, and come with the material list. There are some plans on the list that will include a PDF download making it easy to print out.

The structure of sheds are basic and most of them are the same until you come to the roof truss. Depending on the style of shed you want the only major difference is the roof design. Figuring out the angles to build the roof truss can be the most difficult, for this reason you are better off with plans.

This website has designs for small garden tool shed to large units that are great for storage. You will also find other projects on this same site. The navigation of the projects are in alphabetical order. The site is updated regularly with more plans as they are discovered.

Resources for free shed plans

This new website is being updated and will now have lots of plans to build sheds plus many other projects. There is also lots of information for gardening. The site has just added a how to guide for building a 4×4 garden shed. This shed is great if you want to have a storage area for your garden tools, very nice looking garden shed. These plans are PDF and can be downloaded instantly.


free shed plansBuilding a storage shed can seem difficult for some. I recently had to build one and started looking for resources online to get my project going. There are quite a few plans to download, but the one that I really found helpful was from the websites mentioned below.



Free Shed Plans



Resources for free bird house plans

free bird house plans


Free Bird House Plans






Resources for free bird feeder plans

free bird feeder plans


Free Bird Feeder Plans







Resources for free arbor plans

free arbor plans


Free Arbor Plans





Resources for free pergola plans

free pergola plans


Free Pergola Plans the picture shows a detailed drawing to build a 10×10 pergola. This can be seen at





Resources for free picnic table plans

free picnic table plans


Free Picnic Table Plans




Resources for free garden bench plans

Free Garden Bench Plans


Tree Houses

If you are going to build a tree house, there are a few things to keep in mind. Study the designs carefully before you begin.   Safety is very important when building a tree house. Make sure it has plenty of support to withstand the weight it will have. Choose a good location were kids will be able to enjoy it and have fun.

The structure of the tree house is basically the same as any other. The difference is how the foundation is built. The tree house foundation will rest in a platform secured to the tree and to the ground. The tree you choose to build on should be strong and sturdy.

Maintaining the tree house is crucial to keep it in safe conditions. Check the floor, roof and support beams for any signs of rot. Also check ladders, railings, doors and ropes and repair if needed. Fix any damage to keep everyone safe and prevent injuries.

Chicken Coops

There are plenty of good reasons to raise chickens in your backyard.  The main reason is having fresh eggs. Another reason many people overlook is pest control.

If you want chickens for your backyard, you will need to provide them with a safe home. You can build a chicken coop or buy a kit. Building a hen house is not difficult if you have plans to follow.

There are many free chicken coop plans online. Having plans will save time and you can avoid wasting material. The best choice you can make when building a coop is having detailed plans.

You need to figure out how many hens you want in order to determine the size. If you have access to refurbished wood you can save money. Looking at websites like Craigslist is a great resource to locate free wood that people are getting rid of.

The coop can either be portable or permanent. For larger coops that house lots of chickens is preferred. If you will only have 2 or 3 hens a portable coop can be ideal.

Outdoor Chairs

Adirondack chairs are very well designed and look very pleasing. The design blends in well to lots of different landscapes. These are among the most popular outdoor chairs.

Because there are many different designs, you will need to find one you like. Look for a style that will look good in your home or landscape. Building matching tables and footrest will also complement these chairs nicely.

When searching for plans to build these chairs, look for plans you understand, are complete and include a list of tools and material you will need. The plans should have drawings on how to assemble all the parts.   If you plan to build more than one Adirondack chair make templates of all the parts. Once you make your templates you can build more chairs faster and easier. Having templates will save you lots of time because you will not need to take your time measuring out everything.